New Chinese restaurant upsets residents

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  1. Jacky says:

    So this rest(restaurant) have valid parking, i believe the driver need walk to pick up the client car, or after he park client car, need walk back to rest. is use a lot of time, client need wait a long time.

    10 driver for valid parking have 5 company car , one drive take client car to parking lot, the other drive drive co. car follow , and pick up the diver go back to rest.

    if pick up the car 2 driver co. car , one pick up in parking lot , the other drive co. car come back. chines rest is save money, but waiting time. more than 100 car parking is big, this this the useful way. the chinese boss too much. sit and think what is usa life. no parking no business. usa is a driving world, not in asia.

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