New Chinese language curriculum


(KTSF by Jo Wan) A new school curriculum that targets students wanting to learn Chinese as a second language has been introduced  by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools and ACTEL (American Council on the Teaching Foreign Language).  The curriculum emphasizes conversational Chinese with speaking and listening skills.  At a meeting Tuesday night in the Sunnyvale Chinese Culture Center, principals and teachers demonstrated the new textbooks and teaching methods to other instructors.

One Principal of a Chinese School says that while the current curriculum is for students who can speak Chinese with their parents at home,  the new curriculum targets students whose parents do not speak Chinese.  Supporters say that with the increasing influence of China, many non-Chinese speakers in this country want to learn the language because of their interest  in Chinese culture and history and the growing power of the Chinese economy.

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  1. Jane Chen says:

    It is a wonderful broadcasting. I believe many parents will agree to start the foreign language education for their child as early as possible. So, the existing of the Chinese schools is very important in the community, so as a new material for the new generation. Jo Wan presented some very good points in this broadcasting, such as the communication skill, i.e. the speaking and the listening skills, is emphasized in the. Thank you for this broadcasting, as an educator, it is very encouraging.

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