Newborn Asian elephant rescued in east China


A new born Asian elephant, badly injured by its incompetent mother, was rescued by a wild animal nature reserve in east China’s Shandong Province.

An Asian elephant was born in the Shendiaoshan wild animal nature reserve in the city of Rongcheng, on Aug. 30 and became the first artificially-bred baby elephant.

Few hours after the elephant Zhuangzhuang’s birth, its mother elephant almost killed Zhuangzhuang due to her lack of experience in feeding the baby.

Elephant breeder in the nature reserve rescued the baby elephant from beneath the foot of its mother, finding it badly injured by the kicking of its mother.

To ensure Zhuangzhaung’s safety, the nature reserve has to separate it from its mother, and stitch the wound on the baby elephant.

Breeders get he breast milk from the mother elephant every day and mix it with milk powder to feed the baby elephant.

Now the baby elephant has almost recovered and under the care of breeders in the nature reserve.

According to staff at the nature reserve, Zhuagzhuang is the first child of the 17-year-old mother elephant who has been staying in the nature reserve for 11 years.

An Asian elephant’s gestation period is normally 22 months. However, it took 24 month for the mother elephant to gave birth to Zhuangzhuang.

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