NBA star Jeremy Lin speaks Mandarin in Taipei


‘Linsanity’ returned to Taiwan on Wednesday – and this time the popular Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin proved he had learned a new skill…Mandarin.

The American-born Chinese showed off new his language skills at a press conference, switching between English and Mandarin for his audience.


Houston made the biggest splash of the NBA off-season with the signing of free agent centre Dwight Howard – to join Lin and US Olympian James Harden.

Asked about his new team-mate, Lin answered in two languages, but the result translated into delight with his new Rockets weapon.

“We feel that having Dwight Howard allows us to be a better team. So if we work hard, if we practice hard, I feel that we have a chance to get the NBA title.”

When asked what lessons he had learnt from playing with NBA during the last few years, Lin said he felt that the Linsanity phenomenon was overwhelming and that he made a mistake in putting too much pressure on himself to play well and that had effected his game with the Rockets during the last season.

But the deeply religious Lin says he has learned to focus on the game and “to play for God, and not for everyone else.”

Asked to compare the difference between playing with the Knicks and the Rockets, Lin said the up-tempo Knicks had him handling the ball more often, but in Houston he was able to share the responsibility with Harden, using the skills of an All-Star and Olympic gold medallist.

“When I played with the Knicks, I had the ball often. But with the Houston Rockets, we got James Harden, who is an all-star player and very good at pick-and-roll so I have to find my running position and space”.

Lin said his goal this season is to improve his three-point game, his defence, and play better off his left hand.

He will have a chance to hook up with Howard next week when the new Rockets centre makes his own visit to Taiwan starting Monday.

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