National Science Bowl winners

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Fremont, CA -  The 2012 National Science Bowl champion team from William Hopkins Junior High in Fremont returned to the Bay Area last night. The team members include 2 eighth-grade and 3 seventh-grade students.  Their instructor Paul Riches says that five students were chosen from 75 to 80 competitors and  they started the science bowl training in October 2011.


Riches says, “They  were given  the reading assignments, extra materials to go above and beyond the typical thing that they would have in regular class because the  questions are  far more complex that what would be out of  a  standard textbook.” He adds the team had to practice 25 questions per day,  totaling  more than 1,500 questions. They  even  spent most of their lunch time  practicing   for the bowl.

One  seventh-grade student Mark Choi says, “We had to use basically almost every day’s lunch time to practice for science bowl. It was worth the time though.”   One eighth-grade student Dhruv Muley says, “It was an enriching experience going to nationals. It was something I would be willing to give up some social life for.”

Why do students participate in the contest?

The eighth-grade student Karthik Bharathaia says, “Because my brother actually competed in this and got third place 2 years ago, so this is a very big dream that I have to win the national championship.”

One seventh- grade student  Brian Tseng says, “Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in math and science because I want to learn more and I kept that interest during junior high.” Another seventh-grade student Catherine Zeng says, “Winning national was something we really wait for.”

The last time  the  Hopkins team won the National Science Bowl was three years ago.  Teachers  and students say that they will continue  practicing  for next year’s science bowl competition.

What are the dreams of the winners?

“Work at CERN on stem cells. ”
“Become a professor of Physics.”
“I would like to study more into the field of medicine. ”
“Study physics maybe at MIT.”
“I want to study nano technology at MIT.”
The National Science Bowl was created in 1991 to encourage students to pursue their careers in science and mathematics.

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