Algae can be used to produce biofuels

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  1. kawahchan says:

    (R) Gov. RICK PERRY for 2012 Independent US President: Algaes derived for aviation fuel and Texas A&M University developed Sorghum derived for high-quality aviation fuel are much better than to use the bank-loaned private farmlands to grow bio-fuel corns and hurting the daily grocery more expensive. To replace DO NOTHING US Sen. John McCain’s leadership and the first choice Arizona’s desert wasteland, we find another (El Uno) Janos Valley between West Texas and New Mexico to grow Texas A&M University developed Sorghum for Bio-fuel and joint-venture with native Indian to take care the fereral developed Sorghum bio-fuel farms to create thousand jobs and revenue’s 1/3 profit for deposit to the federal Social Security Fund and Medicare Fund, 1/3 to help native Indian community, 1/3 to the bio-fuel expense.

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