Murder suspect sucker punches officer in jailhouse

An Ohio murder suspect set off a naked jailhouse brawl with an officer.

Now, the inmate is facing more charges.

Marsha bonhart shows us surveillance video of the alleged attack.

It happened a couple of weeks ago, but the video was just released today.

Ryan Mitchell was being processed at the Montgomery county jail.

That’s when he became unruly, banging his head against a glass window, corrections officers strapped him in a restraining chair to calm down.

After Mitchell appeared to be settled, corrections officers relaxed the straps and took him out of the chair. that’s when mitchell made the wrong move.

“He sucker punched one of our corrections officers.”

Defending himself, the co hit Mitchell back.

“It may not look good, but our guys are taught to protect themselves.”

Mitchell got a couple of black eyes during the fight.

“We had proper staffing. We had supervision. We had medics there. We had a show of force. We had six guys who had to show him we are in charge here, you’re going to do what you’re told.”

In addition to a murder charge, local news station w-d-t-n reports mitchell now faces an additional charge of assault on a police officer.


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