Police say murder-suicide was planned in advance by elderly couple


The shooting deaths of two elderly people in Campbell on Saturday was a murder-suicide the couple had planned in advance if one was not able to care for the other, police said today.

Paul Andrews, 89, and his wife Annie Andrews, 92, were found dead after police responded to a call at 2:29 p.m. reporting two people with gunshot wounds at 245 Union Ave., police Sgt. Gary Berg said.

Detectives have since determined that the two had an agreement that if one of them could not take care of themselves that they would take their own lives, according to Berg.

Annie Andrews’ health had been deteriorating in the weeks leading up to the shooting, Berg said.

From interviews with the couple’s family members and neighbors, and based on evidence at the crime scene and autopsies on the bodies, police concluded the couple had planned the shooting, Berg said.

Campbell police do not believe anyone else was involved in the murder-suicide, Berg said.

A member of the couple’s family phoned police after finding the couple’s bodies inside their Campbell apartment on Saturday, police said.

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