Montana man plows proposal into cornfield

One Montana man decided “corny” was the way to go for his proposal to his girlfriend.

He and a friend plowed this very important question in a field near great falls.

A few weeks later, miles steinbach (stine-bach) took his girlfriend, olivia, on a flight over the ranch.

She was speechless when she saw the field below her.

“I was looking at this part of the field and it was a discoloration and I just kind of looked at it and I didn’t want anybody to see that I was looking so close in case it was nothing and I looked dumb.. and then I saw the word marry and I was like, ‘No, this isn’t real. This isn’t happening.’ And then I saw, ‘Liva, will you marry me?’”

In case you’re wondering, she said yes!

The couple plans to get married in the summer of 2015.

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