Monkey survives electric shock in north China


A stray macaque monkey narrowly survived an electric shock Monday in north China’s Tianjin Municipality, after its earlier antics made it an Internet sensation across the country.

An amateur video clip uploaded by local residents earlier this week showed two monkeys climbing up a residential building, meandering down the street to a fruit shop to “borrow food”, and then wandering around a university campus.

The video clips went viral on China’s leading micro-blogging website Weibo, being retweeted thousands of times within two days.

However, one of the macaques nearly died of an electric shock Monday morning when it hopped onto a high-voltage electric cabinet.

“The circuit breaker in my home tripped and then I heard noises outside. I hurried out of the house: there was dense smoke over there, so I thought something was on fire. But later they told me it was a monkey,” said a resident in Tianjin.

Another witness said the accident occurred at around 09:00.

“I saw two monkeys cross the road and climb up a wall. One of them passed safely but the other stepped onto the wire, and then a ball of fire exploded,” the witness added.

The firefighters who came to the monkey’s rescue found it had suffered burns all over its body. It took five or six minutes for the wounded macaque to come to itself, rescuers said.

The unfortunate monkey is recovering in a local wildlife rescue center after receiving medical treatment.

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