Mo. couple accused in Wyo. of killing exes, 2 kids


Wyoming authorities say a Missouri couple have been arrested in the deaths of their ex-spouses and two children more than 30 years ago.

Officials said Monday that 71-year-old Gerald Uden and 74-year-old Alice Louise Uden of Chadwick, Mo., face first-degree-murder charges in Wyoming.

Gerald Uden is accused of killing his ex-wife, 32-year-old Virginia Uden, and her two children, 12-year-old Richard Uden and 10-year-old Reagan Uden. All disappeared in 1980.

Authorities didn’t say whether Gerald Uden was the children’s father or where the killings occurred.

Alice Uden is accused of killing her ex-husband, 25-year-old Ronald Holtz, who disappeared in 1974 or 1975. Authorities say Holtz’s remains were recently found in an abandoned Wyoming mine.

Gerald and Alice Uden are in custody in Missouri while Wyoming authorities attempt to extradite them.

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