Man survived power shock in east China


A man who was shocked after climbing onto a high-voltage power line was rescued Tuesday in east China’s Fujian Province.

The man was out of danger after he was taken to hospital, although his arms and legs were burned and he was in coma after rescuers pulled him down the 10 kilovolt power line in Huian County of Quanzhou City.

The man without top was hung upside down in the high power line, which is about 10 meters high.

His left shank was trapped in between the two beams of the iron shelves, with the right one curled up.

Eventually, firefighters and electrical workers along with local residents used a rope to pull him down.

According to the electrical workers, the safe distance of a 10 kilovolt power line is 0.7 meters and human has few chances to survive after being shock.

The reason why the man climbed onto the power line still remains unclear.

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