Man kills wife and two children

A 14-year-old in Illinois is being hailed as a hero after he helped save his nephew’s life. Sadly, his mother and two siblings were allegedly killed at the hands of his stepdad.

Police say gunfire woke the boy on sunday night and shortly after he found one of his siblings lying on the kitchen floor. He saw his stepdad with the gun he wrestled it away from him.

The man eventually promised to release him if the boy let go of the gun. That’s when police say he got his five-year-old nephew and ran out of the house.

Another sibling tried to follow them, but was shot in the back.

The fourteen year old was phenomenal hero in saving the five-year-old and attempting to save his sister’s life and he also was,has been a fantastic witness as far as detailing what occurred.

Police say the suspect died from an apparent heart attack after the shooting. His motive for the shooting is not clear.

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