Man killed by police was suspect in homicide of missing female


A Sunnyvale man shot dead by police today was seen possessing a “long gun” moments before the shooting and was suspected of killing a female reported missing last year, according to a police spokesman.

Officers from the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety came to the man’s home at 498 N. Fair Oaks Ave. this morning with a search warrant and a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of homicide, Capt. Jeffrey Plecque said.

The search warrant was to look for evidence in the suspected murder of a female who was known to the suspect and had been the subject of a missing persons case filed in 2013, Plecque said.

The arrest warrant was obtained after police involved in investigating the missing female were convinced she had been murdered and the man was the person responsible, Plecque said.

After answering the front door, the man did not comply with the arresting officers and retreated back into the home, where police noticed he was in possession of a “long gun,” Plecque said.

Officers in the house then fired their handguns and killed the suspect, police said.

Police are still investigating the incident and are not yet able to reveal how many officers fired at the suspect or the number of times the man was hit by bullets, Plecque said.

The probe into the officer-involved shooting and the suspected homicide of the female will be lengthy because the same officers working the homicide case took part in shooting the suspect, Plecque said.

Those officers will not be available to continue on the murder case for the duration of the department’s investigation into today’s shooting and so new officers will have to be assigned to it, Plecque said.
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