Man finds $7000 in a parking lot and returns it

What would you do if you found an envelope stuffed with cash just lying around?

For 46-year-old Breck Reeves … the answer was simple.

Police say reeves and his wife were walking into a DMV in Visalia when they came across an envelope — with nearly 7,000 dollars in cash inside!

Even with no one around to see, Reeves describes why he turned the money over to authorities.

“It wasn’t mine, and I felt like it was somebody’s life savings, somebody was in desperate need of it.

“It’s back in the hands of who had it, and I wouldn’t want it to go into anybody else’s hands.”

The rightful owners claimed the cash at the police station the day after reeves and his wife gave it to d-m-v officials.

Reeves’ upstanding act is even more admirable considering he and his wife certainly could have used the money — the couple lives off a single disability check each month.


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