Man finds 3-foot-long snake inside dumpster

A man dumpster-diving for recyclables in the logan heights neighborhood of san diego found a lot more than he was bargaining for.

This is the three-and-a-half-foot ball python found in a logan heights dumpster wednesday morning. It was discovered inside this double-bagged Trader Joes brown bag along with some napkins and a paper plate.

Police say the man who found it looked to be 18 or 19.

The big question is, was its owner trying to get rid of it or did it slither away from its cage and home?

They’re not indigenous to the area, they are pets, it might have escaped, someone might have dumped it. Can’t really say. They’re pretty strong snakes, they’re constrictors so they can break out of their cages. They do get out every now and then.

But not very often.

It’s very unusual. In my 24 years in law enforcement I can’t recall anybody bringing a boa constrictor to the police station.

Animal control officer Victor Posada transferred the snake into this plastic bucket and then took it to the shelter on gaines street.

Once there, the reptile was placed into a secure glass enclosure where it will stay for a few days or until its owner claims it.

David Mitchel says keeping it at central headquarters may not go over very well with officers.

I don’t know that we would want a snake for our mascot but we’ll certainly consider it.

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