Man detonates self-made explosion in Wenzhou


An explosion occurred in Wenzhou City, east China’s Zhejiang Province Thursday morning, injuring no one and the suspect was caught on the spot.

A man, surnmaed Hu, detonated a self-made explosion at the Zhongshan Park in Wenzhou’s Lucheng District around 09:35 Thursday.

Police officers had rushed to the scene before the man detonated the second explosion. Hu was caught on the spot and the police seized the second explosion device.

The detonated explosion was a bundle that made of firecrackers and lighter, according to the initial investigation.

Hu, 57, has a history of drug abuse and several criminal records. According to the police, Hu had took ice (also known as critical meth) before he denoted the explosion.

Hu now has been sent to local hospital for gastric lavage.

The case is still under further investigation, said the police.

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