Man can’t withdraw money, sets ATM machine on fire


A man burned an ATM machine in south China’s Foshan City, Guangdong Province, after he failed to withdraw money from the machine on Saturday.

A surveillance camera set in the ATM room recorded the whole process.

At around 03:00 on that day, local police received a report that an ATM machine was on fire.

The police found on the video recorded by the surveillance camera that a man set fire to the ATM and left.

The suspect, Wang, was then caught by police.

He confessed that he intended to withdraw money from the ATM and found the balance on his card is less than 100 yuan. According to the regulation of ATM, one cannot withdraw money if the balance is less than 100 yuan.

After failing to get cash out, Wang then poured gas on the machine and set it on fire.

Now Wang is now under police custody for further investigation.

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