Make it Clear

Mei-Ling Sze “Make it Clear”

Well-known journalist and anchor Mei-Ling Sze is back at KTSF in a bi-weekly special called Making It Clear. The local Chinese community remembers Mei-Ling, who in 1989 helped create on KTSF the only one of its kind – live Chinese language evening newscast. Even before that, Mei-Ling was famous as a news anchor to millions of television viewers in Hong Kong. In her new KTSF weekly special, Mei-Ling analyzes a news event in a way that only a journalist with years of experience can do. Since her first report on October 4, the response has been immediate and positive: “Sze Mei-Ling, she’s back!!”
Watch Mei-Ling’s new segment every other Friday on the 7pm & 10pm newscasts!