Major BART delays reported in Transbay Tube


A BART train that became disabled inside the Transbay Tube Wednesday morning has been removed and service is getting back to normal, a BART spokeswoman said.

The train was bound for San Francisco International Airport when it stopped functioning and got stuck in the tube at about 8:25 a.m.

“We do not know why the lead car stopped operating,” BART spokeswoman Luna Salaver said.

The incident caused major delays systemwide, and many riders took to social media to tweet about being stuck.

Salaver said the operator went to the back of the train and “took the train via manual mode back to West Oakland.”

The Transbay Tube was cleared shortly before 9 a.m. but there were still residual delays.


A San Francisco-bound BART train has become disabled in the Transbay Tube, causing major BART delays Wednesday morning.

Efforts are under way to move the train, but as of 8:40 a.m. it remained stuck and a BART employee said other trains might have to begin single-tracking around it.

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