Child sexual abuse prevention

(Excertps from Press Release)
According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, Child sexual abuse is the third most common type of child abuse. Asians were found to be least likely to report the violence due to cultural shame and stigma associated with the violence.
April being the National child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, the Asian Alliance against Domestic Violence developed the children storybook titled ” the brave little panda ” the address child sexual abuse prevention and its reporting. The story book was specifically developed for the Asian communities.

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  1. IC says:

    So where can we get and order this book 勇敢的小熊貓

    為了讓兒童更容易認識甚麼是性侵犯行為,亞裔反家庭暴力聯盟,編制了這本書, “勇敢的小熊貓”。通過閱讀這本書,希望能夠增進家長,教育工作者跟兒童之間,彼此對這一敏感話題的對話。

  2. Chinese Community Health Resource Center says:

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