Linsanity: Jeremy Lin’s high school coach

Peter Diepenbrock

(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

Peter Diepenbrock, former coach of  Palo Alto High School ‘s Vikings  basketball team,  has become the most famous coach in the  Bay Area because of Linsanity. He  coached Jeremy Lin for 4 years when Lin was  on the team  and he shared his personal stories about Jeremy Lin with KTSF.

Regarding his first  impression of Jeremy Lin, Diepenbrock said that he was a funny kid. ” I remember talking to him about Palo Alto high school when he first came.  He looked at me and  I was talking about academics. He said,  ‘ well, I didn’t come here for  the  science department. ‘  I think that it’s funny. It shows his sense of humor and his personality.”

On average, a  typical high school freshman basketball player is probabaly 5 ’9”  to 5 ’11″  and 150 to 175 pounds. Lin in fact was only 5 ’3″  and 120 pound , so compared to other players, he was especially small. Diepenbrock recalls that Lin was always able to play his game and do watever needed to be done to be sucessful. Diepenbrock says, ” He was a very confident young basketball player with a great feel for the game and with just a very commanding presence on the floor. He was just small. He wasn’t strong and didn’t really lift a lot of weights at that time, so his game was more about decision making and kind of his will to affect the games.”

Diepenbrock also believes that  Linsanity will last 15-18 years and depends on how long Jeremy Lin wants to play.


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