Linsanity- Jeremy Lin’s pastor


(KTSF by Lynne Ku)
Stephen Chen, the pastor of Chinese Church in Christ Mountain View where Jeremy Lin and his family always  attend , has known Jeremy Lin for 10 years. He remembers the first time he ran into Jeremy Lin at the church, he was just  an  8th grader with a lot of energy. ” It was during church cleaning day that we ran into one another. I was kind going around the church, taking care of the church and he was throwing around the ball and I had to pull  him  aside a little bit and just  talk to him and say “Hey, you know, settle down, we’re trying to clean up the church.”

Chen recalled that  the  little boy was playing basketball pretty well with a dream. “I remember he said ‘One day I am gonna dunk’ and I said ‘Well, we’ll see about that. How are you gonna get taller?’ He just said  ‘Well, I am gonna drink a lot of milk and take a lot calcium pills and I will do my best to get tall’ and sure enough he is over 6 feet tall now and playing basketball and dunking.”

Jeremy Lin also taught Chen how to play basketball while Chen was teaching him  about the Bible.” I’ve never played basketball at all until I met Jeremy and Josh, his brother. They would always take me to play basketball. Friday nights, we get together ,  we studied the  Bible  and afterwards, we played basketball until 1:00  or 2:00 am.”

Jeremy has been  coming  to  the Chinese Church in Christ Mountain View with his family since he was little. He  had a  strong believe in  God  since he was in high school. He was also tutoring other children  about the Bible  at the church. During his hardship last year, Lin made it because  of  his faith. Chen says, ” With Warriors, with Houston and those type of things, it was hard on him but he knew that there is something more than just basketball,  there is something more than just playing basketball because that’s knowing God.  That’s most important.

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