LingChia Ku

Ling Chia Ku
Anchor / Reporter
Chinese News at 10


Ling-Chia Ku, with more than 15 years of TV reporting experience, is news anchor reporter and anchor for KTSF Channel 26 TV.
In addition to covering Bay Area daily news, Ling-Chia Ku is anchoring for Mandarin News every other week. She is the pioneer of mojo (mobile journalist) at KTSF and has covered important news events locally and internationally with mojo skills such as US Presidential election, China President Xi visited the US and the Taiwan Presidential election.

Being a member of the “Under The Same Sky” news division in 2007, she has produced features and political events in Asia. Before moving to San Francisco in 2001, she worked for six years in media mainly as a political TV reporter. One area of specialty for Ling Chia includes political special reports and features in Taiwan. Her commitment to the community is to share human touch and inspiring stories with the best quality besides the basic daily news the viewers should know.

Since she was a high school student, Ling-Chia Ku had made her mind to become a reporter. She tried her best to pass the college exam in Taiwan and got accepted by Dept. of Journalism of National Chengchi University. After graduation, she started her media career at a radio station covering Taipei City Hall news. With the rapid growth of cable TV in Taiwan, she began to devote herself to the TV media and worked for several mainstream TV stations in Taipei, such as Super TV, CTV and Power TV.

After moving to SF in 2001, she worked for CH 66(KPST) as a reporter and back-up anchor, and then joined KTSF in 2002. With her solid training and background, she is a professional who does her best with all that she attempts.

When she isn’t working as a journalist, she enjoys her free time reading, shopping, watching movies and traveling.

2015 President’s Community Volunteer Award
NCCMA Best commentary Award 2009, Best News Reporting Award 2008, Best News Reporting Award 2007.
And, NCCMA Outstanding Feature Reporting Award 2007, 2008, 2009 and Outstanding News Reporting 2004.

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