Let’s Get Married

The 32-year-old Yang Tao is a beautiful single woman, a hotel manager. Yang Tao’s mother is anxious for her to settle down to start a family and constantly sets her up on outrageous blind dates, much to her dismay. Guo Ran is a 35-year-old bachelor who settles divorce cases at the national registry of marriage. Due to the unpleasant cases he deals with at work, he adopts a cynical view of marriage. One day, Guo Ran’s buddy, Xi Feng, decides to set him up on a blind date with his cousin-in-law, who, as luck would have it, is Yang Tao. The pair start off on bad terms but grow closer as they learn to come to terms with their own past failed romances.

Begins August 6,2014 Monday to Friday : 8pm – 9pm
50 episodes Mandarin with Chinese subtitles