Language Immersion Programs in the Bay Area

“Language Immersion Programs in the Bay Area” is a collaboration of KTSF Television, the San Francisco Chronicle and New America Media. We bring you an in-depth look of this fast-growing foreign-language program in the Bay Area. What challenges it is facing? Parents will also share their views.

1.Why parents choose immersion schools?
Immersion programs are becoming more and more popular for parents in the United States and are considered one of the fastest-growing foreign-language programs available in U.S… more

2.Parents’ attitudes toward education
About one third of the students in College Park School or Claire Lilienthal Alternative School ‘s immersion programs are biracial. Most of the Asian parents want to pass down their… more

3.Federal government cuts immersion program grants
International Day is the biggest PTA event of the year for College Park Elementary School . Families bring a dish to donate from their native country, they bid on gift baskets and… more

This project is a collaboration of New America Media (the nation’s first and largest network of ethnic news services–if you wan to add), San Francisco Chronicle/ and KTSF Television (a local Asian-language station–if you want to add). We launched the project with the idea that telling each other our stories would encourage communities to talk about common goals.

KTSF will air the stories from Monday, July 2nd through Wednesday, July 4th in the Chinese language, live newscasts at 7pm and 10pm. The stories are also available on the KTSF website. The story will be published in San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Insight section and posted on on July 2nd. New America Media will also publish the story in English and Chinese, along with a short video, on July 1st.

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