A dog breastfeeds new-born tiger in south China


A dog has been chosen to breastfeed a pair of new-born South China tiger brothers, an endangered species living mainly in south China.

The mother tiger Rongrong gave birth to her two babies on Friday afternoon in Nanchang Zoo, east China’s Jiangxi Province, but had difficulties breastfeeding the brothers.

Rongrong has already lost three litters due to premature deliveries and her lack of experience feeding them. This time, to prevent the tragedy from reoccurring, a female dog Xiaomeng was made the wet nurse.

This is the first time a family dog has been chosen to feed South China tiger cubs in China, according to Huang Wei, the veterinary hospital director of Nanchang Zoo. The two baby tigers now weigh about 1.15 kilograms and are in a good condition.

South China tigers are now on the brink of extinction with only about 120 human-raised ones in the world.

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