KTSF Cares raised nearly 62K for the Sun family


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

KTSF Cares has accepted donations on behalf of Sun’s family and has received over $61,956 as of October 24th. On behalf of KTSF Cares, Rose Shirinian, News Director of KTSF, presented the checks and sympathy cards to Kent Sun’s wife.

Elaine Tan, wife of Kent Sun, said that for the past two months, there have been lots of attention from the community. She has got lots of support from people around the bay area, and telling her to stay strong.

42-year-old San Francisco resident Kent Sun succumbed to his injuries from a traffic collision which happened on August 24.

On August 24 around 7:30 pm, Kent Sun was driving his wife and his three-year-old son home. His car collided with another car at the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Bacon Street. Elaine Tan said the driver of another vehicle rushed the red light and ran into her car.

Kent Sun ran a small business in Chinatown. After the accident, his family lost their major financial support. The local Chinese community is donating thousands of dollars to help.

Elaine Tan said that she would save all the donation money for his sons’ tuitions in the future, and at the meantime, she only wants her older son, who was injured in the accident, to get well soon and return to school.

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