The KTSF App has upgraded with a new look. Download/Upgrade the free KTSF App now from the App store to continue watching the news and all of your favorite KTSF programs on your mobile devices.

Watch KTSF Channel 26 News and Entertainment on your smartphone or mobile device in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Our newscasts, dramas and variety shows are streamed live, as they happen.

Or watch the previous night’s newscasts and other KTSF programs all on demand.

Simply download the KTSF App from iTunes or Google Play. Use with wifi hotspots or anywhere you get mobile service in the Bay Area. Data rates may apply.


KTSF mobile App FAQ’s

Mobile App Requirements

• Viewers in the San Francisco Bay Area are watching live local TV news and programming on their mobile devices using the KTSF app.

• Live and on-demand KTSF programming is available in the SF/Bay Area on Apple (iOS 6) and Android devices (with Adobe Flash 11.1 +).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the KTSF app?

KTSF’s app for mobile devices is available at the Apple Store and Google Play

What Can I Watch?

The KTSF app carries live and on-demand programming. KTSF streams only programming which we have the rights to stream over the internet. Right now, our rights cover just the San Francisco Bay Area but updates are coming soon so be sure to check back.

What if “KTSF” doesn’t appear when I download the app?

1. Please make sure your device’s GPS and other “location services” are turned on.

2.If you travel outside of the bay area, you will not be able to see KTSF’s programming due to our license restrictions at this time..

Why does it take so long for video to load?

1.This is likely because you have weak Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Please check your connectivity and try your player again.

2. Please make sure your device’s GPS and other “location services” are turned on.

Why is my video stream weak or choppy?

1. Check your device’s application settings to make sure you’re running iOS 5 or the latest version of Adobe Flash for Android devices.

I live in a part of the Bay Area where I can’t receive KTSF via my digital converter box. Can I use the KTSF app to watch KTSF?

Yes, you can watch KTSF live and on on-demand using either your smartphone or tablet, and connecting to the internet using our KTSF app. If you connect through Wi-Fi or your internet connection at home you won’t pay telephone data rates. You can also watch KTSF via the KTSF app on AppleTV by using your iPhone or iPad. Just connect your Apple device and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network, and the AirPlay icon automatically appears. Tap the AirPlay icon in a specific app and everything streams to your HDTV via your AppleTV.

Why can’t I watch content carried on a TV station outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

In the United States, distribution of live television programming is governed by the FCC.  This means that  we can only distribute programming to the San Francisco Bay Area.  In some cases, where KTSF owns complete rights, such as certain news stories that we create entirely or other programs that we create and produce, we are able to distribute these over the internet and on mobile devices without restriction.  These programs appear on our web site and on mobile devices as on-demand content at this time.