Kohl’s employee jailed for killing and dumping baby at work

Police say a woman gave birth at work, killed her newborn and then dumped the body in bathroom trash can.

Now, the Kentucky mom is facing charges for taking the life of a child no one knew she was carrying.

29-year-old Jessica Price is charged with murder, after giving birth at this kohl’s department store on standiford plaza drive a week ago.

The single mother from Shepherdsville killed the newborn girl — an “intentional act,” according to a police report.

It goes on to say she hid her pregnancy.

The child was found dead in a bathroom trash can by a co-worker.

“The baby was discovered when they went in to change the trash the person that works at Kohl’s went to switch the garbage from one can to another and that’s when he discovered the baby inside the bag.”

Police say she left work for two hours after giving birth then came back to finish her shift, only to find police investigating the death.

Detectives say she tried covering up everything by placing the body and other evidence in the garbage… adding charges of tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

The exact cause of the baby girl’s death yet unknown.

“We still have tests that are pending.”

(Reporter stand up): “Nobody was here at the 400 block of Coral Ridge Road, where Price lives. We’re not sure if she lived alone. But I tried talking to neighbors who were not available for comment.”

Disturbing accusations.

In kentucky, parents can leave their newborn, up to three days old, at several safe locations without being prosecuted, as long as the child is not abused or neglected.

In desperate situations, they can do it anonymously.

The locations include hospitals with emergency rooms, police stations around metro louisville and surrounding counties and fire stations.

In fact, Louisville established the first safe place fire station in the country in 1983, located at third and hill street.

An option for troubled parents though authorities would prefer detailed background information about the child.

“We don’t want anybody to just drop the baby off at the firehouse as it might be hurt in places. We want to obtain as much information as possible.”

Local news station w-h-a-s reports price is being held without bond.

She’s due back in court August 26-th.

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