Kidnapper of six-day old baby boy arrested in China


Police on Wednesday morning arrested the kidnapper of a six-day old baby boy who had gone missing in a hospital in central China’s Hubei Province.

The suspect, surnamed Wang, confessed to the kidnapping charges and expressed her regrets to the police. She said she stole the boy to pander to her boyfriend’s wish to have a male heir, which people typically hope for in China’s wide rural areas.

Wang lied to her boyfriend months ago, saying that she was pregnant and returned to her hometown Chongyang County, a neighboring county of Tongcheng where the boy was stolen.

After observing the maternal wards at the Tongcheng People’s Hospital for three days, she sneaked in and carried away the baby on Sunday afternoon. She said no one came out to stop her.

Wang left the hospital on an electric tricycle, settled into a local hotel and then immediately called her boyfriend, saying she had given birth to a boy. She said she saw the news about the kidnapping on TV, but she still felt unwilling to return the boy to his parents.

Local police said they examined 300 hours of hospital surveillance footage to identify the suspect. They then interrogated owners of around 3,000 electric tricycles in the county before finally locating the woman at 04:00 on Wednesday. The baby boy was returned to his parents on Thursday and is now safe and sound.

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