Kidnapped 8-month-old baby found in woods

A missing baby has been found alive in Houston — thanks to a jogger.

The jogger stumbled upon the 8-month old baby girl on the side of the road yesterday – crying and strapped inside her car seat. Police say the baby had been kidnapped just hours earlier.

An 8 month old baby girl, alone, abandoned in the woods, crying out for help. Those cries heard by this woman, Hong Nguyen, who just happened to be visiting from Vietnam, and just happened to be on her first jog of the trip on this very day.

“I just come there…. see and take pictures…one, two…and stay there until the policeman come to keep the baby safe.”

The baby abandoned after a carjacking in a Texas gas station. The mother, seen here in tears moments after the abduction. Police say she’d left the car running, with her baby, Genesis Haley, in the back while she made a quick run inside a stor, within seconds, the car and the baby were both gone.

“She went in it look liked a matter of a few moments.”

The car was found abandoned, but for hours, the search for Genesis came up empty, until those cries were heard.

“We were very worried. But we’re very glad that that jogger just happened to turn around to see her in her car seat.”

And as heartbreaking as this photo is, this photo – of officer Albert pizana swaddling baby Genesis in his uniform – is equally uplifting.

“Whenever we can recover a baby that’s alive it’s very reassuring in our job.”

Now the manhunt is on for the man who left her in the woods. Police have released this sketch.

“She describes him as a young black make with a slight slant in his hairdo and he has a small white or blondish patch on one side. So it’s a pretty distinct picture of him.”

Police say apart from being hungry and suffering what appeared to be several ant bites — Genesis was in good health when she was found.

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