Kevin San’s funernal on coming Saturday

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  1. Herman Cheung says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Would you please advise how do I send my contribution to support the family? Do I just make a check payable to “Hong Man San, ITF Funeral Medical Expense” and deposit it directly to their bank account via my own branch? (I bank w/ B of A. as well.)


    • Frank Chui says:

      I too, would like to send a contribution (I don’t have a BofA account).

      The ” ITF Funeral Medical Expense” info heading
      does not specify a local Bank of America branch address,
      in San Francisco.

      Would KTSF kindly find out the local BofA branch address,
      and provide it, either here, or in the newscast.

      (South Bay)

      • Phil says:

        I tried and it is simple. All you need is to go to any B of A branch, just make a check (from any bank) payable to “Hong Man San, ITF Funeral Medical Expense” & told them to deposit it to the account number mentioned.

        Blessings to all with good hearts,

  2. Herman Cheung says:

    I ended up with driving to Duggan Funeral Home in S.F. this afternoon to hand my contribution to Mr. San in person showing my support to the family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with that.


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