Kansas City woman’s mouth superglued

Four people are accused of taking part in a scheme to restrain a woman, beat her, make her eat a bug and then super glue her mouth closed.

The then 33-year-old woman subjected to that torture was left naked in an industrial area of the east bottoms and flagged down a passing vehicle for help.

She said she was driven there after a night that a 10-year veteran of the department said was the most bizarre case he had ever seen.

The abuse happened almost a year ago at the home of one of the suspects at 10th and white and lasted all night, at the hands of two men, two women and one woman’s teenaged child.

These four people have been charged in the crime, most with assault and felonious restraint except for 49-year-old Manley Gilbert, who is accused only of restraining the woman while the others beat her.

The victim told police that 37-year-old Nicole Strohm assaulted her repeatedly by kicking, punching and hitting her with a wooden object, then cut her hair, took her jewelry and made her take pills, court documents state.

Witnesses said they watched her super glue the victim’s lips together, and that amidst the round of beatings, 43-year-old Anthony Pinion made the victim eat a bug.

Those witnesses, teens aged 14, 16 and 17 at the time, said they were assigned to watch the victim so she wouldn’t leave, according to court documents.

A neighbor says the house has since been sold to a new owner who has been a good neighbor.

Police would not say what kind of condition the victim is in now, a year later, whether she suffered any permanent injuries.

Those familiar with the case say the whole thing stemmed from a dispute over money.

Police said it took almost a year to get charges because of forensic tests that were needed.

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