Japan’s Google glass competitor

You’ve probably heard of google glass–

The wearable computer device that google hopes will be the next tech craze.
But a company called “Telepathy” in Japan is developing what it hopes will be a competitive alternative.

The future of tech is in wearable technology so for example whether my jacket can one day charge my phone or I’m sure you’ve heard of google glass which can read your emails to you, show You where you’re going and also take video from the glasses that you’re wearing. But we’re in a small start up rented space here in the heart of Tokyo, we’re about to meet the man who says he’ll give Google Glass a run for its money.

What are you seeing?

Oh my god – oh my goodness! Okay you can try it.

This is a prototype, for now there’s no built in camera – so the image i’ll be seeing comes from the camera on this android device.

You can see maybe the screen here. You can’t?

Mmm .. i can see something – ooh, there, what’s that? Now I can see something. I can see myself! As a manga cartoon character.

Here’s how it’s meant to look according to Telepathy’s slick promotional video & the world as normal with a little box in the corner which can stream what you see real time to a friend’s device.

In reality though & it’s not quite like that yet.

It’s not quite balancing in a way that I can always see the screen & ooh, now I can see myself & but not in manga form!
Taka: I’ll change to manga mode.

The device responds to a few simple hand signals in front of the camera.

But we can’t show you what they are yet – the company wants to patent them first.

This won’t go on sale till 2014.

And this is the very sensitive part which we can’t take close ups of ..in case someone steals it.
Top secret!

Well we don’t want that to happen!

But this is obviously something that I could take photographs and videos of people when they didn’t want me to – there is a significant privacy concern in this.

In a bar or a club if you wear this kind of device, maybe that’s scary for another person. So we make that you put the hand on the camera so some LED or some kind of symbol will appear which means I don’t take anything,so people will know that if you’re wandering around with this device and there’s a blue light coming out of it you’re not recording. Like the red light on a camera, that’s not on.

Kind of, kind of.

In short – there’s less functionality than google glass.Just video streaming or snapshots with lots of funky filters.All the same privacy concerns.But possibly & a cooler design.

Google glass is very good for the mountain view people, IQ of 200 people, but we are very focused on the fashionable people …Do I look cool?

So cool. You are the terminator.

I am the terminator? well, so far I can’t see very much!


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