Japan World Cup fans clean stadium

Japanese fans at the World Cup are being praised. Their team was defeated on Saturday. But many people found that what the fans did in the stadium after the game ended was not only unusual, but refreshing.


Right now, fans here in Tokyo are buzzing about the big game coming up, Japan versus Greece. Samurai Blue suffered a stinging defeat against Ivory Coast over the weekend in their World Cup opener but that tough loss didn’t stop these Japanese fans from taking the high road.

Check this out — these are photos going viral on Twitter right now. Several unofficial World cup accounts tweeted pics of Samurai Blue fans apparently cleaning up after the match — the match that their team lost. They even brought along blue trash bags, their team color.

All over the world people are calling these fans a “class act.” They’re getting a lot of praise but believe it or not, cleaning up after a match is pretty common in Japan. It’s the same reason you see remarkably little litter even on the streets of this metropolis of more than 13 million people, so don’t be surprised if you see more Japanese fans cleaning up after the big game against Greece. Only this time they hope to be celebrating a win.

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