Inside Out project in SF to support immigration reform

(Excerpt from press release)

Inside Out/11M is a nationwide participatory art initiative aimed at creating a portrait of America that includes immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and all the faces of America. Photo booth trucks will travel to cities across the country this summer.

People can participate in the project by having their photo taken and then displayed in public spaces to show support for immigration reform, and also create their own installations through

舊金山市長李孟賢參加人像拍照活動 San Francisco Mayor Lee participates

Beyond any political debate about 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., these portraits remind us that behind the numbers are real human stories.  Inside Out/11M hopes to illuminate the diversity and unity of people who call America home.

The project kicked-off in Washington, DC in mid July and has completed actions in Sacramento and Oakland (photo from Oakland to the right).  San Francisco installations will take place this Wednesday – Friday in different locations around the city.

Two trucks will travel to a range of cities over the next 60 days, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Denver, Selma, New York, Phoenix, and  will conclude in Washington DC.

Inside Out/11M is collaborating with a wide variety of local and national partner groups to help with outreach. The Dream is Now campaign and the Center for Community Change have both been active supporters of the project since its inception.

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