Hundreds protest against building incinerator in Guangzhou


Scuffles broke out between protesters and riot police in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Friday when demonstrators tried to show their opposition to plans to build an incinerator.

Footage from Hong Kong Cable TV showed the clashes that broke out when hundreds of people marched to local government buildings.

They were responding to local media reports that Huadu government had revealed that the incinerator will be built in Shiling, a district in Guangzhou.

“Half of the world’s low price handbags are made in Shiling. It is already polluted enough. Why should there be an incineration plant then?” asked one protester who didn’t give his name.

“It’s fine for me as I am already old but we have next generation (to take care of),” said another protester.

It’s the latest example of people in China protesting against projects that they claim will harm their health and the environment.

Last week, a proposal to build a uranium processing plant near Jiangmen was scrapped after several hundred people took to the streets in opposition.

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