How school districts determine residency

(KTSF by Sean Au)

The controversy over Millbrae Mills High transferring students to other schools has some parents question how school districts determine the residency of students. So how do three school districts in the Bay Area verify residency?

Besides funding from the government, certain counties and cities pass parcel taxes to raise funds to go toward schools. The legitimacy of its students in the school district is, therefore, often scrutinized.

In the San Francisco Unified School District, parents or guardians of a student have to show identification documents and two other proofs of residency such as utilities bills, auto insurances documents, property tax bills or rental agreements. People who own houses in San Francisco but do not live in the City are not considered residents. The school district may send staff members or private investigators to verify residency of students.

San Mateo Union High School District wants parents to produce students’ birth certificates and three other documents, one from each of the following groups: first, identification documents such as driver’s license, or passport with valid visa. Second, rental agreement, property tax bill or home insurance papers. Third, tax bills and W-2 or an official document from the government.

In the Fremont Union High School District which includes Cupertino and Sunnyvale, parents have to produce identification and make a declaration about the students’ residence. Again, one document from each of the following groups: first, car registration papers, W-2 or pay slips. Second, property tax bill or rental agreement. Third, utilities bill, bank statement or cable bill. The district may also perform home visits to verify that the students live at where they say they do.

All three districts have hotlines for members of the public to report any fraud.

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