HK journalist held in Beijing while covering hearing of human rights lawyer


A Hong Kong news cameraman was arrested and handcuffed in Beijing on Wednesday while filming one of China’s prominent human rights lawyer attending a local hearing.

Video footage from Hong Kong broadcaster Now TV showed the cameraman, Chui Chun-ming, arguing with police before being pushed onto the ground and handcuffed and then led into a police van.

Chui, based in Beijing, was with human right lawyer Xie Yanyi who was about to attend a hearing with the Beijing Lawyers Association on decision to revoke Xie’s licence to practice law after being charged with subversions following the detention of human rights lawyers and activists in July 2015.

Xie was released on bail in January 2017 after being detained for over 18 months.

Chui and Xie were both arrested at the same time on Wednesday.

The arrests were made followed an argument when police refused to return Chui’s press pass upon a check, according to Now TV.

Both were released later the broadcaster reported, with Xie returning to his hearing while Chui went to hospital to treat cuts he said were sustained from the arrest.

Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung meanwhile expressed his concern on the arrest and said assistance would be immediately provided to the journalist.

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