HK and Thailand couples wed on 12-12-12


The twelfth of the twelfth, 2012 is being hailed as a magical marriage date across some Asian countries with wedding planners and event organisers swamped with bookings.

Many couples in Hong Kong chose to get married on the last day of the century when the date, month and the year match.

Twelve of those couples enjoyed their wedding ceremonies together in Hong Kong, under the witness of dozens of their friends and relatives.

“Obviously, it is easy to remember “One two, one two, one two” (12th December 2012) … Also for Chinese people, ‘twelve’ means unity,” said Jacco Yeung, a wedding planner.

Apart from being auspicious, the date is easy to memorise.

“Because she always says I forget the special dates, it’s easier for me if we choose a special date. “One two one two one two” is easy to remember,” said Tang, one of the twelve grooms who got married on Wednesday.

According to official figures, almost 700 couples registered to have their wedding on Wednesday in Hong Kong.

Elsewhere in Bangkok, more than fifty couples went to the Bangrak District office to tie the knot on Wednesday, hoping to start their married life with good fortune.

28-year old French national Aurelinen Person and his Thai girlfriend, 33-year old Nanthikorn Suprakritpakon were the first couple to be at the office at six o’clock in the morning.

But the system was down at all district offices in the morning and they did not get married until four hours later.

“We were planning to get married in Chiangmai but we’re here, why not? It’s a city of love and 12-12-12 is a good day, and tomorrow is my birthday,” said Suprakritpakon.

According to Bangrak district office only 55 couples were able to get married and due to the high demand many couples who arrived by midday had to be turned down.

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