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(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

Susie Wang, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from the Bay Area, owns 100% Pure,  natural ingredients cosmetic company in San Jose, which generates about $20 million dollars in revenue every year.  After graduating from UC Berkeley,  she invested in the company in 2005 with her brother and boyfriend.  It all started in her father’s house.

She has been passionate about cosmetics since she was a little girl but her parents always wanted her to be a doctor. When she turned down a scholarship for Northwestern University Medical  School, her father was very disappointed.  According to Susie Wang, ” He said ‘why you have this opportunity to go to one of the prestigious medical schools, so why don’t you go and to be a doctor?’”

When Susie Wang was in college, she invented a technology that stabilizes natural ingredients to keep them fresh from oxidizing. After she applied for a patent, she got phone calls from big cosmetic companies asking her to work for them. It’s was a great side job for Wang while she was going to college until one day something happened at the lab. Wang recalls that, ” All the different ingredients were put on the lab table. And I knocked over a chemical, and the chemical made the table break.”

After this incident, she started to think about how to make organic and 100% natural cosmetics and skin care products for women. Because of her Asian background, she has been  careful and responsible with money. She started with a  small scale business and the company has been growing ever since. Susie said she never borrows money for her business.” First maybe we had a little money to make 100 products, then we sold it, and then made like $1000, then used the $1000 and then made products into the thousands, and then hundred thousands, and then five-hundred thousands and then one million.”

Six months ago, Susie’s company, 100% Pure,  bought two buildings in San Jose for their office and factory and moved in with 50 employees. They currently have about 5-10  job openings and will do more hiring down the road. She shares the key to her success in business. ” You have to make the very best quality because you can get anyone to buy anything one time, but it has to be the best product and most interesting product, the most effective product and most healthy product for people to buy it again.”

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