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There’s a consensus in the high tech world that there are three mayor trends for the  industry: cloud computing, social media and mobile tech. Among the three, cloud computing is the one with the lowest cost. While the internet industry was blooming in the Silicon Valley 13 years ago, was already heading to the world of  cloud’s  and it turned out to be a  smart decision. George Hu, the Chief Operating Officer of, joined the company 10 years ago and has been seeing tremendous growth, “It’s been an amazing ride. I joined when there was about 200 employees and as I said now there’s about 8000.”


Among the employees world wide, there are about 3,000 employees here in the Bay Area, mainly at the San Francisco headquarters. Hu told KTSF that the company is hiring 2,000 more employees in the near future to accommodate the manpower needs due to the company’s rapid growth that was faster than earlier projections.  They also signed a lease for a half-million square feet of office space at 50 Fremont street in San Francisco.

Hu shares the keys of his companies success as  low cost and the right business model.  He feels that cloud computing in general is a  good business model even during the economic downturn because the cost is low. have been focusing on B2B (Business to Business) to help their clients  set up internal systems for customer information, sales statistics or customer service. Hu says, ” In the past you would have to buy software, buy servers, have someone come in to install it for you and make it all work and that would be very very expensive. With, you can come in and access all of the services in the cloud or over the internet.”

Cloud computing now is estimated to be a 20 billion dollar market. It is projected to grow to 50 billion by 2015.

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