High school grad speaks 11 languages

In the graduating class at one Illinois high school, there’s one teen that stands out.

That’s because he speaks 11 languages!

And he’s dedicated his time in high school to helping students who aren’t native english speakers.
All the time say, he says, “you can do this. You can. Don’t get frozen.”

She’s talking about Larterrious Johnson. for the last three years, he’s volunteered as a liaison for students and teachers by translating learning materials from english to students’ native language.

I kinda grew up knowing you have to give back, to really feel good about yourself. You’re gonna have to help people, you gotta reach out.

Johnson says adapting to a new culture can be hard for teens, especially since they don’t sound like their peers. his advice gives students the confidence they need. he told one kid…

If other people make fun of your accent or something else, just get rid of it. Just laugh with them and if you’re comfortable with yourself, they will be comfortable with you.

Kara Downs, an English teacher at Centennial for 16 years says teachers and students have grown to rely on Johnson, and they don’t have to ask for help.

He sees a need and he fills it, without a teacher, administrator, anybody asking him to.

Larterrious speaks 11 languages, about six of them fluently. say “study hard and succeed” in French. go.

A leader and ahead of his class, graduating one year early as a junior.

Incredibly bright. He’s incredibly gifted. He’s one of the most polite and proper young men I’ve ever come across in my life working in high school.

Johnson plans to enlist in the U.S. Army.

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