Heilongjiang nursing home arson kills 11


The fire in a nursing home in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province that killed 11 people Friday morning has been confirmed as an act of arson, local police said.

The blaze happened at 01:15 in the inpatient building of the Lianhe Nursing Home in Hailun City, according to the municipal government.

Wang Gui, 45, who lived in the home, lost his temper over 200 yuan that another resident had supposedly stolen from him and set the fire, the Hailun municipal public security bureau said Friday afternoon.

Staff from the nursing home and Wang’s peers tried to calm him down but failed.

As of 14:00, the identities of 10 of the dead have been confirmed, and their ages range from 45 to 87.

Wang was among the dead. He was sent to the nursing home as he suffered from cerebral thrombosis and had nobody to take care of him.

There were 32 people in the inpatient building, which covers an area of 300 square meters, when the fire broke out.

A total of 283 people were living in the nursing home, which was built in October 2005. With a total area of 7,000 square meters, it accommodates the rural elderly in the city who have no source of income.
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