Heat wave grips parts of China


Cities across China are suffering persistent scorching weather, with temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius in Wanzhou District of southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality on Thursday.

The local meteorological office issued the highest-level red heat alert at 09:00 Thursday.

Chongqing is expected to suffer ongoing high temperatures until July 30, according to the local meteorological office.

“Recently It’s really hot. I have to turn on air conditioning, day and night. People who go outside get really tanned by the sun,” said a Chongqing resident.

The Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Department issued orange heat alert Wednesday, as the temperatures hit 38 degrees Celsius in towns and cities across east China.

“It’s especially hot, it feels like a sauna. I’m sweating a lot,” said a resident from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.

Doctors warned residents to reduce outdoor activities, drink more water, and wear hats and long-sleeve shirts to prevent sunburn and sunstroke.

In central China’s Henan Province, the temperatures reached 37 degree Celsius in some areas on Thursday.

Local meteorological offices in the cities of Zhoukou, Luohe and Zhumadian issued orange heat alerts.

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