Halloween Safety


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Other than trick-or-treating with the children, parents also have to take care of their kids during the Halloween.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Division of Adult Parole Operations (CDCR) – aided by the Attorney General’s Office, SAFE Officers and law enforcement partners statewide – is expanding the Halloween children safety project “Operation Boo.”

CDCR has been conducting and gradually expanding the Operation Boo Project since 1994. The project is conducted in each of the four California regions on Halloween night. State supervised sex-offenders are monitored closely to ensure that they don’t attempt to attract children to their homes. There will be curfew from 5pm tonight to 5pm tomorrow and parolees must remain indoors. There are to be no exterior lights on at their homes. That way, it looks as if no one is home and children are discouraged from approaching. And they are not allowed to offer Halloween candy and decorations.

In San Francisco, some elementary schools celebrate Halloween today. Students and teachers dress up in costumes. Parades are held in school. Teachers also educate children and parents to keep an eye on their kids while trick-or-treating tonight.

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