Guide dog dispute cancels flight from Philly to NY


A dispute involving a blind man, his guide dog and an airline crew led to the cancellation of a flight from Philadelphia to New York.

The argument happened Wednesday night on a US Airways Express flight to Ronkonkoma (rahn-KAHN’-kuh-muh), N.Y.

Albert Rizzi says his service dog was curled beneath his feet as the plane was leaving Philadelphia. He says a flight attendant told him the animal had to fit under the seat in front of him.

Airline spokeswoman Liz Landau (LAN’-dow) says Rizzi was not controlling the agitated dog. She says Rizzi became verbally abusive, and the crew decided to remove him.

Landau says other passengers then became upset. The flight was canceled.

Landau tells The Associated Press that the airline is reviewing how the situation was handled.

The encounter was first reported by WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

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