Green Feature: SunEdison brings jobs to new Belmont headquarters


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

Maryland-based SunEdison, a solar company, has relocated its headquarters to the peninsula city of Belmont. SunEdison celebrated its grand opening today and was joined by Governor Jerry Brown and other state officials.

SunEdison, which is continuing to work with state officials to complete the relocation, plans to move about 100 employees from Maryland and San Francisco to its new Belmont office just east of Highway 101 and add more than 400 new staff.

Assemblymemeber Jerry Hill says, “I was thrilled at the prospect of helping to create 500 new jobs in this district and an opportunity of increasing the use of renewable energy.”

Governor Jerry Brown says, “To let the people of California and in fact the entire country know that California is open for business. We’re an innovative state and we’re going to invest in solar and make California not only the national leader which we already are. We’re going to make us a world leader. We’re going to do that with a company like this.”

A new bill ABX1 15 by Assemblymemeber Jerry Hill (D-South San Francisco) clarifies existing law so solar projects in California can continue to receive the tax assessment exclusion that was first adopted by the voters in 1980 with Proposition 7. Approved by 65 percent of the voters, Governor Brown signed the bill in June 2011.

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