Green Feature: SF to list green certifications in property records

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting announced his office will record the energy-efficiency certifications and ratings of buildings in San Francisco and become the first Assessor-Recorder in California to include this vital information in official property files.

Assessor-Recorder Ting’s office will begin with the recording of the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) certification and the ENERGY STAR ratings for commercial and industrial properties. Ting says, “We hope to encourage more property owners to move toward energy efficiency, to green their buildings, and to really have this be part of industry standards.”

The City and County of San Francisco has set a goal of reducing emissions to 20-percent below 1990 levels by next year (2012). Because more than half – roughly 55% – of emissions come from buildings in The City, recording the green grades buildings achieve will significantly encourage property owners to improve energy efficiency.

The new green label will be applied to about 300 of San Francisco’s 50,000 or so buildings. Tings says green building would have many benefits not only for the environment but also economy. “Because we think it’s good for their tenants. We think it’s good for investment. Ultimately we believe that the real estate market will be going green significantly more in the coming years,” Says Ting.

By including the certification of environmental performance of buildings in San Francisco, Ting’s office will reinforce the progress already made and encourage other building and home owners to follow suit. While the Assessor-Recorder’s office and San Francisco Department of Environment work out those aspects of this ground-breaking program, City homeowners can participate in the San Francisco Home Improvement and Performance (SFHIP) initiative that provides up to $9,000 in rebates when certified energy efficiency enhancements are made to a home. For more information, visit

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